Special interest groups

Join one of our special interest groups

Climate and Maternal and Child Health (CLIMACH) Interest Group

A research interest group that brings together researchers from across the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) with expertise in climate change and maternal and child health.

Transport & Referral Community of Practice

We bring together policymakers, practitioners, healthcare professionals, and researchers worldwide to share knowledge, opportunities and challenges in accessing maternal and newborn care in developing countries. 

Safe Surface Science

A group of scientists with expertise in healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and the environmental components of infection prevention and control. The groups aims to identify priority gaps in knowledge for tackling COVID-19 and longer term in management on HAIs. 

School-Based Interventions Group

A community of practice for LSHTM staff and students who work on the development, implementation and evaluation of school-based interventions, including but not limited to: health, wellbeing, nutrition and WASH.