About us

Our vision: to improve women’s, children’s, and adolescents’ health worldwide

The MARCH Centre vision is to improve women's children's and adolescents' health worldwide.

Our approach to achieving this:

1. We strengthen research excellence and evidence based policy by promoting communication and collaboration in and outside of LSHTM, between researchers and policymakers in high, middle and low income settings.

2. We strive to raise the next generation of research leaders to improve the health of women, children and adolescents.

With more than 550 researchers as members, MARCH's work covers all aspects of the research pipeline, and we're always seeking new members to join our community.

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MARCH through the Lifecycle

MARCH theme infographic


The MARCH Centre is organised around three interconnected themes which represent priority points in the lifecycle:

Adolescent and young people achieving healthy transitions

Births that are wanted and pregnancies that are safe

Children with a healthy start, optimal growth and development

We have recently introduced a new cross-cutting theme, climate, focusing on the nexus of climate change and health.

Each theme is coordinated by two academic leaders, working with Student Liaison Officers (SLOs), providing Centre members a forum to work together, maximising the unique multidisciplinary strengths of LSHTM.

Ten years of MARCH - what have we achieved?


MARCH centre report and strategy 2023 - 2027

By systematically reviewing our current research, compared to global burden we have identified priorities and gaps, setting a vision for the next generation of research and for research leadership across the globe.

MARCH Centre Report and Strategy 2023-2027 front cover showing mother and child in The Gambia