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MARCH Centre membership is open to all LSHTM staff & students with an interest in research with women, children, adolescents and young people at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. As a member you will be subscribed to our mailing list and receive our regular newsletter plus calendar invitations to LSHTM events.

MARCH Centre members benefit from:

Opportunities for promoting high quality research at our School

  • Being part of a recognised network of experienced researchers for support and advice, for example during funding calls
  • Enhancing opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration throughout the school
  • Networking events and opportunities
  • Using the MARCH Centre identity as an aid in funding applications, on academic papers and posters, and for conference presentations
  • Having access to a specialised platform and Communications Officer for showcasing research to the Women, Children & Adolescent health community e.g. blogs, social media engagement & events

Opportunities for developing research leadership & education

  • Having greater access to students through Student Liaison Officers (SLOs), which aids teaching practices and student engagement
  • A wider platform for sharing jobs and other opportunities between staff and students

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