Teaching and students

We organise and lecture on a number of courses related to humanitarian crises and public health both at LSHTM and through external partners.


Within the LSHTM master’s programmes, the following crises-related MSc modules are available to registered students and also to a small number of external students:

Crises-related teaching is also available in the MSc modules, “Global Mental Health” (distance learning) and “Designing Disease Control Programmes in Developing Countries” (face-to-face) and the Professional Diploma in Tropical Nursing (face-to-face).

Health System Assessment in Humanitarian Crises

This short course is intended to familiarise participants with a health systems approach to health care for communities in low- and middle-income countries affected by humanitarian crises, through using practical interactive examples and case studies, and taught by experts who come from or have lived and worked in low- and middle-income countries during or after humanitarian crises.


We have also developed a number of free external courses intended to support the development of practitioners, policy-makers, and the public in addressing health in humanitarian crises.

Health in Humanitarian Crises: A free online course operating through FutureLearn, intended to help people discover the health needs of those affected by humanitarian crises, the challenges of delivering healthcare, and what we must do next.

The use of epidemiological tools in conflict-affected populations: A free online course developed by Centre members, intended for non-epidemiologists and policy-makers operating in humanitarian crises.

Ebola in Context: Understanding transmission, response and control: A free online course operating through FutureLearn - Sorry, this course is no longer running.

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