To improve the health of populations affected by humanitarian crises. 


To advance health and health equity in crises-affected countries through research, education, and translation of knowledge into policy and practice.

With over 200 members across LSHTM and keen student volunteers, the Crisis Centre provides:

  • interdisciplinary research around many aspects of health in humanitarian crises
  • identify LSHTM experts for field deployment and technical support, including through formal networks such as GOARN
  • pathways for LSHTM students to get involved in humanitarian crises research
  • a voice for LSHTM on humanitarian crisis issues through proactive media engagement

Outreach, engagement, and training by the Crisis Centre includes:

  • supporting the development of teaching on health and crises through face-to-face, online modules and short courses
  • strengthening public engagement and communication of research findings through webinars & events open to the general public

Our commitment to decolonising our work

With this charter and the accompanying implementation guidance, all members of the Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre commit to decolonising our research, teaching and wider Centre partnerships. It presents the core principles and commitments which underpin these efforts. For more information on the ongoing research and activities please see our research page

Become a member

Crises Centre membership is open to all LSHTM staff and students with an interest in health in humanitarian crises and conflict settings. 

There is no formalised membership, meaning you can become an HHCC member by simply subscribing to our Centre’s internal mailing list for LSHTM staff and Research Degree Students.

Please note - if you are an MSc student, please sign up to our mailing list specifically for Master's students.   

There is no required time commitment associated with being a Centre member and attendance to all meetings and events is voluntary. 

Once signed up, we encourage all members to include HHCC under “Centres” on their LSHTM staff profile pages and to tag our Centre when they post new crises-related publications and grants on Research Online. 

The Crises Centre holds periodic internal meetings and social events for members (both online and in person when possible) to help people connect and brainstorm about any events and initiatives that members want to organise, which the Centre can support in various ways. 

We also send out a quarterly newsletter which is open to all – sign up here.  

For any questions regarding membership, please email