We are the Centre for Epidemic Preparedness and Response, proudly part of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. We are a new specialist Centre, established to bring together global expertise, knowledge, research and teaching to help humanity adapt faster to outbreaks of disease.

Graphic with words: Helping humanity adapt faster to outbreaks of disease

Co-directed by Prof Martin Antonio, Professor of Molecular Microbiology & Global Health, and Dr Adam Kucharski, Associate Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, our Centre draws together a wide range of specialist expertise from across the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and its partner institutes; including leading researchers in epidemiology, anthropology, mathematical modelling, vaccine research, clinical trials, humanitarian crises, virology and epidemic-prone pathogens.

Our work will explore critical areas of investigation, offer innovative training for future specialists in the field, and contribute insights into all aspects of outbreak preparation and response, engaging with policy makers, and healthcare professionals. Find out how the Centre works with experts from various disciplines and backgrounds across the world to be better equipped for the pandemic era in our video below.

Graphic with words: We can only take on the challenges of the future if we come together as equals

We’re driven by the belief that humanity can only take on the challenges of the future if we come together as equals. We know from experience that when we truly listen to each other and share knowledge and ideas, we can unlock answers and solve problems. But we also know there are political, cultural and behavioural barriers in the way. The kind of change humanity will need to make to thrive in the pandemic age can only happen if we have the courage to challenge convention and break down barriers between different disciplines, countries and cultures.

Adapting to this future will take all the creativity, openness and collaboration we can muster. The challenges is great but we know, if we come together as equals, we can create the outbreak playbook for the pandemic era.

Graphic with words: The future demands a new kind of leadership

Our work is guided by three principles:

Go beyond the pathogen

Vaccines and medical treatments will always play a critical part in our response to outbreaks of disease, but COVID-19 has shown us the importance of nonbiomedical factors too – social context and human behaviour, economic implications and political fallout. Our job is to go beyond the pathogen, drawing on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary thinking to connect more dots and see the bigger picture.

Break down the barriers

We’re living in a hyper-connected world but there are still barriers in the way when it comes to collaboration. Part of our mission is to re-think ways of working and to challenge preconceptions and prejudices so that we can share knowledge and ideas quickly and effectively across different disciplines, countries and cultures.

Move the needle

We’re here to help redefine how people and societies prepare for and respond to future outbreaks of disease. We’re one organisation in a global network but we’re determined to make a real impact quickly. That means understanding all the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic, championing new processes and practices and working together with our partners to create an outbreak playbook for the pandemic era.

 You can find out more about what drives the Centre in our video below.  

Our team

Prof Martin Antonio

Martin Antonio

Co-Director LSHTM, Centre for Epidemic Preparedness and Response, Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Global Health, MRC Unit The Gambia Investigator

Adam Kucharski

Co-Director of the LSHTM Centre for Epidemic Preparedness & Response and Associate Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Sir Henry Dale Fellow at LSHTM

Maysoon Dahab

Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Brendan Wren

Professor of Microbial Pathogenesis, LSHTM

Elizabeth Brickley

Associate Professor in Epidemiology

Katherine Gallagher

Associate Professor in Epidemiology

Chrissy Roberts

Associate Professor

Melissa Parker

Professor of Medical Anthropology

Sandra Mounier-Jack

Associate Professor in Health Policy

Gwenda Hughes

Representative on behalf of UK-PHRST

Professor and Deputy Director for Research, UK-PHRST

Mary-Alice McDevitt

Representative on behalf of LSHTM's Development and Alumni Relations Office

Dembo Kanteh

MRC Unit The Gambia

Professor Matthew Cotten

Senior Virologist, MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit

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