The Centre will provide a catalyst for new ways of working and systemic change to navigate this new age of pandemics including through innovative training, research and fellowships embedded in Africa. 

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Peter Piot Fellowship

The Peter Piot Fellowships for Global Health Innovation provide funding for early career opportunities for outstanding candidates from sub-Saharan Africa to focus on epidemic preparedness and response or planetary health. They were established by LSHTM to mark Professor Baron Peter Piot's legacy as Director, and are supported by philanthropic donations. 

We are delighted to announced the appointment of the first two Peter Piot Fellows focusing on epidemic preparedness and response. 

Two researchers from sub-Saharan Africa, Dr Doris Kemunto Nyamwaya and Dr Agaba Bekiita Bosco, will be based in the The Medical Research Council (MRC) Unit The Gambia at LSHTM and MRC/UVRI & LSHTM Research Unit within the Centre for Epidemic Preparedness & Response. They will benefit from mentoring by Professor Piot. 

Dr Doris Kemunto Nyamwaya will explore how chikungunya, a virus transmitted by infected mosquitoes, spreads in Africa and its disease burden. The research will pave the way to identifying the disease's underlying risk factors and optimising effective control strategies across Africa.

Dr Agaba Bekiita Bosco will investigate what drives malaria epidemics and potential new emerging parasite pathogens. The work will help strengthen malaria epidemic preparedness and response systems in Uganda and across the world.

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The MRC Unit The Gambia at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine are pleased to facilitate unique, interdisciplinary two-year fellowships in epidemic preparedness and response. The Fellowships are supported by The Peter Piot Fellowship Programme through funding for the Centre for Epidemic Preparedness & Response (CEPR) at LSHTM. The Fellowship funding is awarded for research that can improve understanding and capacity to prepare for and respond to infectious disease epidemics, particularly in lower- and middle-income countries (LMIC). This programme seeks to foster the professional development of a new generation of specialists in this field.

Fellows must be a national from sub-Saharan Africa and would be based primarily at either the MRC Unit in the Gambia or the MRC Unit in Uganda and would be expected to move to either location, if not already based there.

This page will be updated with details of future Fellowship opportunities when they become available.

Data Science Fellowship

The Pershing Square Foundation Data Science Fellowship is for post-doctoral candidates in Epidemic Preparedness and Response that provides a unique opportunity for emerging scientists and practitioners to develop a career in the field.

The Fellowship provides the opportunity for an early career researcher to obtain essential experience in areas of infectious disease research, outbreak response and management, leadership and health policy. The programme also supports awardees to gain new practical expertise in their chosen field, by undertaking research projects and providing teaching and training oversight to students.

The Fellowship utilises LSHTM’s expertise in London, at our MRC Units in The Gambia and Uganda, as well as long-standing links to global partner institutions. This provides emerging public health leaders with access to world class research facilities, and the opportunity to establish professional connections with leaders in their field – ensuring they gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of epidemic preparedness, response methods and best practice.

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