What we do

Our aim is to facilitate interdisciplinary research and develop new approaches in data and statistical science to find innovative solutions to major global health problems.


The Centre has five interlinked themes:

Data research

Focusing on methodologies related to data collection, visualisation, linkage, curation and dissemination.

DASH data research

Statistical methodology

Developing and evaluating state-of-the art statistical and machine learning techniques to address important questions in global health.

DASH statistical methodology

Routine data

Concentrating on the research opportunities offered by routinely collected health data and on developing improved ways of accessing and using such data.

DASH routine data

Molecular and imaging data

Encompassing large-scale ‘omics data, pathogen and diagnostic imaging, immunological and serological data and the full spectrum of pathogen-related data and metadata.

DASH molecular and imaging data

Social science data

Highlighting the contribution of qualitative and quantitative social science data to global health research, with an emphasis on anthropological data.

DASH Social science data


The Centre considers four major interrelated challenges:

Understanding the major determinants of health

Exploring the use of large-scale linked data to gain insights into the wider social and environmental determinants of health.

DASH major determinants of health

Developing and evaluating diagnostics and interventions

Focusing on the role of molecular, imaging and related patient health data in the development of new and improved diagnostics and interventions.

DASH evaluating diagnostics and interventions

Informing health policies that improve population health and reduce inequities

Applying developments in statistics and machine learning to provide timely evidence to inform changes in policy and practice.

DASH informing health policies

Improving environmental and planetary health

Addressing the need for the development of novel analytical techniques and data science methods in the field of climate change and planetary health.

DASH environmental and planetary health