Centres, groups and projects

Centres, groups and projects

With research grant income of more than £180 million per year, LSHTM is home to a large number of exciting and impactful research activities. We have a global presence with staff conducting research in more than 100 countries and we are deeply committed to working in collaboration with external partners. We are also home to three designated World Health Organization Collaborating Centres.

Our world-leading community of academics are involved at every stage of the research pipeline, from basic science all the way through to evaluation of health interventions, providing a firm foundation of evidence for improving health.

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Bringing together research from vaccine design and immunological characterisation through clinical trials to epidemiological evaluation, safety, economic, social science and policy analysis.


Using model-based drug development methods (PK/PD) to accelerate vaccine dose decision making.


Our overall aim is to support decision-making about the choice or modification of vaccination schedules at international, regional and country levels.