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Health Systems. Credit: Meenakshi Gautham

Health Systems

Strengthening health systems through evidence-based and interdisciplinary research

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We address the major challenges facing contemporary health systems through research into Service delivery and quality of careHealth financingGovernance and Private sector healthcare

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About Health Systems 2 columns paragraph

Our research addresses the major challenges facing contemporary health systems: how to finance and deliver high-quality care in pluralistic health systems, and how to govern and ensure that health systems are accountable and equitable.

For specific information about our research, see the specific themes we address: 

Our research is recognised globally for its breadth and depth, and for the diversity of topics we cover. To improve health systems worldwide, we:

  • use a system-wide lens but also examine ways to enhance the effectiveness and equity of individual health system components, specific diseases and local programmes locally
  • seek to understand how different health systems’ organisational structures and functions work for users, providers and policy makers, and how these complex interactions explain why policies may succeed or fail
  • draw on theories from health economics, epidemiology, sociology, anthropology, policy, and other disciplines
  • offer both innovative methodologies, and holistic and multi-disciplinary research and evaluation strategies
  • work in multiple settings across the world 
  • engage closely with decision makers, provider and population representatives at international, national and health care delivery levels
  • build research capability to improve health system effectiveness and responsiveness. In designing our studies, we work closely with partners and stakeholders, and with long standing collaborative partners to identify research needs and to ensure responsive and impactful health systems research

Researchers within the Department of Global Health and Development work with others across the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to improve policy and practice and strengthen health systems worldwide (cross-departmental work is presented on the main Health Systems website).