Centres, groups and projects

Centres, groups and projects

With research grant income of more than £180 million per year, LSHTM is home to a large number of exciting and impactful research activities. We have a global presence with staff conducting research in more than 100 countries and we are deeply committed to working in collaboration with external partners. We are also home to four designated World Health Organization Collaborating Centres.

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There is a mystery epidemic of Chronic kidney disease of unknown cause (CKDu) affecting agricultural and non-agricultural communities in Mesoamerica. This disease has reduced the life expectancy of thousands and caused the deaths of tens of thousands young males and females.

Central America

Open Data Kit is a suite of state of the art electronic data capture tools.

Clinical trials
Electronic health records
Mobile technologies

The OPT-SMC project supports national malaria control programmes in West and Central Africa to conduct implementation research on Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention by providing grants and technical assistance, and facilitates sharing of information and expertise between countries. The project is a partnership between the national malaria control programmes in 13 countries.


ORCA aims to improve the quality of health data in Ethiopia by supporting analysts  at the Ministry of Health, Ethiopia.

Data analysis
Public health
Maternal health
Neonatal health
Quantitative methods
Health systems
Eastern Africa
Public health