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Children at a Ugandan school

Promoting inclusion in decent work for Ugandan young people

Developing an evidence base and platform for action around how violence in childhood and adolescence affects child labour, participation in skills programmes and employment outcomes in Uganda. 

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This study will use international as well as Ugandan data and combines analysis of existing quantitative data with primary qualitative data collection. 

Who we are

This project is led by LSHTM in collaboration with Makerere University and UCL. It is a part of the Child Protection Research Group.

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This study involves:

  • Undertaking a mapping of existing skills training programmes in Uganda; 
  • Exploring how violence in childhood and adolescence relates to child labour and other work outcomes internationally; 
  • Exploring experiences of violence among trafficked adolescents in Uganda; 
  • Describing associations between prior experience of violence and work outcomes in adolescents in Luwero district (using data from the CoVAC study); and
  • Conducting a new qualitative study to understand young people's experiences of participation in skills training programmes. 

We have created a network of stakeholders in Uganda to assist in shaping the research questions and developing policy recommendations. 

Who We Are
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Principal investigator (LSHTM)

Dr Eddy Walakira

Makerere University

Dr Ligia Kiss

Study team

Agnes Kyamulabi

Makerere University
Study team

Fred Kasalirwe

Makerere University
Study team
Study team