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Technology and health

In this talk, we will hear from three of the School’s entrepreneurs who are translating their research findings into novel tech. 

Technology has the capacity to transform the public health landscape.  As scientists continue to innovate, and tech becomes smaller, smarter and more affordable, we are facing an exciting future where the sort of tech you might have seen in sci-fi movies, is now becoming a reality and is likely to revolutionise our approach to the diagnosis and control of diseases.

In this session, Prof James Logan, Head of the Department of Disease Control, and Founder and Director of ARCTEC and Vecotech, will explore how his research on understanding a mosquito’s highly sophisticated sense of smell, has led to the development of new tools to control mosquitoes, and novel non-invasive diagnostics for malaria, including the use of malaria-detection dogs. 

Dr Andrew Bastawrous, Founder & CEO of Peek Vision and Clinical Associate Professor in International Eye Health from the School will explore how the proliferation of mobile phone technology has provided access to services to those who were previously invisible to health services and share the experiences they have had in creating, validating and productising products and services for the benefits of those living with visual impairment.

Dr Amaya Bustinduy, Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Research, is exploring novel ways to diagnose female genital schistosomiasis, a disabling neglected parasitic tropical disease, in community settings. Her group just published the validation of genital self-swabs delivered at home for the detection of the parasite using vaginal 3D models as teaching aids. 


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