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Lessons learned from the efforts of ride-sharing companies to improve access to health services: A discussion with GoJek and Uber Health

Ride-sharing companies have transformed the transportation of people, goods, and services all over the world. Given that a lack of access to transportation can be a barrier to positive health outcomes, some in the maternal and newborn health community have suggested that ride-sharing companies can facilitate transportation for women and newborns around the childbirth period.   

To learn about the experiences of ride-sharing companies in providing transportation to health services, we will hear from representatives from GoJek and Uber Health, two multinational ride-sharing companies, who will discuss how their companies are involved in transportation to health-related services.  We will learn about Uber Health's core healthcare product and an offering that is used by health insurance companies and providers in the United States.  We will also learn about GoJek's experiences working with the Indonesian Ministry of Health to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines.   

In this seminar, we will identify what the maternal and newborn health community should know when engaging ride-sharing companies to reduce transportation barriers.   


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