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Flare Emergency Response: Lessons from building a scalable and sustainable pre-hospital care system within Kenya and the East African region

Flare Emergency Response vehicles

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for maternal and newborn health, transport and referral systems need to be in place to ensure that women and newborns get to the right facility at the right time, using an appropriate mode of transport.  

Good quality pre-hospital and intra facility transfer care can support women and newborns to get the care they need, as quickly as possible, reducing the number of women and newborns dying during transportation, or arriving at facilities long after their health has deteriorated.  

In this webinar, we will hear about the work of Flare Emergency Response in Kenya who aim to minimise deaths caused by poor transport and referral processes by establishing a functional national emergency response network.     

Rescue/Flare Emergency Response are now the largest provider of emergency services in Kenya, and the region. They aim to expand the provision of fast and reliable pre-hospital care to the 5 billion people who live in cities and countries where no functional system exists.  

In this webinar, they will discuss how they set up the network, how the system is funded, and how they are connecting with projects aimed at improving maternal and newborn care. They will focus on the unique challenges faced by women during the delivery process and how their system identifies and delivers the right type of transport and care, refers women to the right facilities and ultimately saves time and lives.  

For background information, this video gives an insight into the work Rescue/Flare Emergency Response.  


  • Dr Sheila Maina, Medical & Partnerships Lead  
  • Peris Asenji, Dispatch Lead  
  • Carole Njiru-Wijenje, Strategy & Growth Lead 


Follow webinar link. Free and open to all. No registration required.