Alumni email account

LSHTM alumni email

We offer an alumni email account to students who successfully complete their studies. MSc students are offered these accounts in August and Research Degree students are invited to request an account in their completion letter. Short course and distance based students are not eligible. The alumni email address will in the same format as the student email address but with the domain

The alumni email account is a new account and will not be linked to your current LSHTM account; you will need to forward emails you need into the alumni account. We suggest you set up a forwarding rule to capture any emails received between the time your current LSHTM account is disabled until the time it is permanently deleted.

To request an alumni email account, complete the form available on service deskTo sign up you must have an active LSHTM email account, this cannot be provisioned after your account has expired

Accessing your alumni email

Enter your username (

Setting up account recovery guide

We have created a step by step guide (pdf) to assist you with adding account recovery options to your alumni email account.

Resetting a password if forgotten

Visit or click the "Can’t access your account?" link on the standard Office 365 login form.

Enter your username (

Select where you want to send the token (email/sms)

Enter the received token into the web page form and then set a new password.

If you have not set your recovery options for your alumni email account you will need to contact the LSHTM Service Desk at for assistance.