Bringing your dependants to the UK

MSc and Research degree students: If you are coming to LSHTM to study a full-time one-year MSc course, or a full-time PhD or DrPH course then you are eligible to bring family members with you to the UK on a PBS Dependant visa. You should read the guidance below for further information.

Split-study MSc students: As you will study for periods of less than one year, you are not permitted to bring family members with you to the UK on a PBS Dependant visa unless you are a government sponsored student studying for a period of over 6 months.

Who can I bring with me to the UK on a PBS Dependant visa?

Dependants are defined as:

  • husband / wife
  • civil partner
  • unmarried partner ((provided you have been living together for at least 2 consecutive years)
  • children aged under 18
  • children aged 18 or over but only if they are already in the UK with immigration permission as your dependants
How do my family members make a visa application?

To make an application for a PBS Dependant visa, you should visit the Home Office website.

Can I bring my child(ren) to the UK if a spouse / partner is not coming with me?

Only if:

  1. you are the sole surviving parent, or
  2. you have had sole responsibility for the child's upbringing, or
  3. there are serious compelling or other considerations (we do not have a definition of this but you should assume that "serious compelling considerations" refer only to extraordinary circumstances).

If both parents are responsible for looking after a child, then you must both come with the child to the UK. If you have 'sole responsibility' for your child, you will need to provide strong supporting evidence of this to the Home Office with your child's visa application. We advise you to make your child's application at the same time as your own visa application.

How much does it cost to apply for a PBS Dependant visa?

The cost for a dependant’s visa made from outside the UK is £348

How much money do family members need to show?

For each dependant (whatever their age), you need to show maintenance costs of £845 per month of your stay in the UK, up to a maximum of 9 months’ maintenance costs (£7605 for each dependant). For example, if you are coming to the UK with a partner and child for 12 months, you would need to show £15,210 (2 dependants x £7605).

How do they show they meet the financial requirements?

These funds must be held for a consecutive 28-day period with the end date no earlier than 31 days before the date of application.

Is it possible to work in the UK on a dependant’s visa?

Dependants are entitled to work or study in the UK as there are currently no restrictions on these activities.

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