Tuition fees and expenses 2024-25

New and continuing London-based and intensive students

Annual tuition fees, which include registration, library membership and examination fees for London-based and intensive students, are shown in the table below. These are reviewed annually. Fees are charged according to the fee status of the student - home (UK) or overseas. Fees for the compulsory field courses are given as a guide only. Agreed fees for the field courses will be shown on the tuition fee invoice.

Students undertaking projects overseas will need to find up to £1,500 in addition to cover costs involved.

Annual tuition fees for distance learning students include programme/module registration and access to LSHTM's Virtual Learning Environment and online library resources. These tuition fees do not include local examination centre fees or resit fees. Distance learning students undertaking projects may also incur additional costs.

Master's degrees (Intensive)

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Field Trip (all students)
Climate Change & Planetary Health£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980 
Control of Infectious Diseases£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980 
Demography & Health£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980 
Global Mental Health£15,840n/a£37,368n/a 
Health Data Science£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980 
Health Policy, Planning & Financing£15,354£7,667£28,920£14,460 
Immunology of Infectious Diseases£14,910£7,455£31,890£15,945£700
Medical Microbiology£14,910£7,455£31,890£15,945 
Medical Parasitology & Entomology£14,910£7,455£31,890£15,945£900
Medical Statistics£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980 
Nutrition for Global Health£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980 
One Health£15,230£7,720£27,540£13,880 
Public Health (All Streams)£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980 
Public Health for Development£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980£280
Public Health for Eye Care£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980 
Reproductive & Sexual Health Research£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980 
Tropical Medicine & International Health£12,940£6,470£29,960£14,980£520
Veterinary Epidemiology£13,310£6,760£30,830£15,520 

* Some programmes are not available part-time; where this is the case fees indicated in the part-time column are for split-study. See the ways to study comparison table for which courses are available part-time.

Master's degrees continuing student fees: Please check LSHTM intranet for details.

Staff fees (Home and Overseas)

LSHTM staff are advised to refer to the staff fees policy (intranet) for further details of fees, eligibility and procedure.

Climate Change & Planetary Health, Control of Infectious Diseases; Epidemiology; Health Data Science, Medical Statistics; Nutrition for Global Health; Public Health; Public Health for Development; Public Health for Eye Care; Reproductive & Sexual Health Research; Tropical Medicine & International Health£3,160
Veterinary Epidemiology£3,320
One Health£3,800
Immunology of Infectious Diseases; Medical Microbiology; Medical Parasitology£3,640
Global Mental Health£3,960
Health Policy, Planning & Financing£3,830

Intensive online Master's

CourseFull feeLow- and middle-income countries*
Climate Change & Planetary Health£23,100 
Sexual & Reproductive Health Policy and Programming£23,100£17,850

Eligible countries.

Research studies

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MPhil/PhD £6,740£3,370£21,140£10,570
MPhil/PhD - Lab-based£6,740£3,370£25,710£12,855
Writing Up Fee£1,300£650*£1,300£650*

* For students on the 8 year maximum period only.

Research degrees continuing student fees: please check LSHTM intranet for details.

Staff fees  (UK/EU and Overseas)

LSHTM staff are advised to refer to the staff fees policy (intranet) for further details of fees, eligibility and procedure.

MPhil/PhD/DrPH - self-fundedn/a£1,530
MPhil/PhD/DrPH - requested from fundersFull feesFull fees
MPhil/PhD/DrPH (continuing staff students who registered prior to 2019/20) £150
PhD by Publication  *LSHTM staff only*n/a£1,530
LSHTM capacity strengthening research degree scheme  
Find out if you are eligible for this scheme (section 9.3.3) (pdf)

Continuing professional development - London-based modules

Module term 1Minimum £2,820
Module terms 2 & 3£2,820

Distance learning programmes

Student fees

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Clinical Trials£10,310£13,960£17,640
Global Health Policy£10,310£13,960£17,640
Health in Humanitarian Crises£10,310£13,960£17,640
Infectious Diseases£10,310£13,960£17,640
Public Health£10,310£13,960£17,640
Payment by instalmentsClinical Trials, Epidemiology, Global Health Policy, Health in Humanitarian Crises, Infectious DiseasesPublic Health
Initial registration fee: 
PG Certificate, Diploma and MSc
Fee per core module: 
PG Certificate, Diploma and MSc
Fee per advanced module: 
PG Diploma and MSc
Fee for final project - MSc only£2,740£2,740
Fee for integrating module (Clinical Trials only)£1,810n/a
Fee for blended learning (DL student coming to London) if whole MSc is paid upfront£1,110£1,110
Fee for blended learning (DL student coming to London) if paying per module£2,150£2,150
Resit fee (core module)£260£260
Resit (advanced module including project)£260£260

Staff fees

LSHTM staff are entitled to a 50% discount on all distance learning fees, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria and completing an application form.

Continuing professional development - distance learning modules

Core module (CT, EP, GHP, HHM or ID module)£2,620
Core module (Public Health only)£1,790
Advanced/Elective module (all programmes)£2,620