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Our Science is delivered via three broad research themes that enable us to conduct targeted studies aimed at addressing priority challenges for the health sector in Uganda, greater Africa and world-wide. The key focus areas in each of our themes are strategically interlinked to increase synergy, collaboration and coherence in our work. 

Our work remains cognizant of the social determinants of disease, the design of appropriate interventions to address them, and discovery of key factors that influence the uptake of interventions among varied target groups, through the conduct of social science studies.Safety and Efficacy of Investigational Therapeutics for Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19. (TICO)

Viral Pathogens theme

The vaccines research theme

The Non-communicable diseases theme

Research platforms

The Unit is committed to enabling both internal and external researchers to access and effectively use its specialized cutting-edge scientific analytical platforms and community-based cohorts for critical studies in varied research fields aligned to its thematic focus.

Its diverse, multi-site scientific facilities, equipment and services have thus been merged into five well-defined research platforms aimed at maximizing support and service provision.

Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory Services and Biobanking



Clinical Trials and Research

The General Population Cohort (GPC)


Learn about projects in Uganda and East Africa contributed to by staff at LSHTM and MRC/UVRI.