MRC Uganda Research

Learn more about research at the MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit, including our three key themes, our six programmes that feed into each theme, and the sections and locations that make up the Unit.

Research themes

Since 2017, Unit research is based on a thematic approach in order to maximise cross-programme fertilisation and to create more opportunities for synergy of skills in the pursuit of the Unit goals. Following internal and external consultations, leadership activities and delivery of science were restructured to three themes.


Our science is delivered through six programmes feeding into each theme, including HIV Epidemiology and Intervention, Cancer Epidemiology, Social Aspects of Health Across the Life-Course, Pathogen Genomics Phenotype and Immunity, Immunomodulation and Vaccines, and NCD Phenotyping.


Learn about projects in Uganda and East Africa contributed to by staff at LSHTM and MRC/UVRI.


Learn more about the sections of the MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit.


The MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit is located across several campuses, research sites and clinics.