MRC Uganda Sections

The MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit has sections that support research activities at various levels.

Bioinformatics section

The MRC funding has provided software and hardware including up to 512 cores and up to 125 terabytes of analytical disk space (Exascaler Lustre), and 125 terabytes for NFS archiving (including local mirrored back-up), all connected to a fibre link capable of providing up to 10Gb/s download speeds.

Capacity building

The Unit has developed substantial infrastructure in terms of buildings, laboratories, equipment and sample archives, information technology and data management systems, at Entebbe, Kyamulibwa, Masaka and Kampala.

Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Services

The MRC/UVRI clinical laboratory is a key component of and supports all the research studies conducted by the Unit.

Clinical studies support

The Research Compliance and Quality Assurance Office provides a centralised management function to the many clinical and laboratory studies in the Unit that require GCP and GCLP support.

Mental Health section

Work under the Mental Health section has two broad aims. Firstly, we are undertaking studies to inform survival and quality of life in particular the mental wellbeing of people living with HIV. Secondly, we are undertaking studies to contribute to a better understanding of the evolving burden of non-communicable diseases in the country with a focus on mental illness.

Operations section

The Operations Department supports the scientific endeavours of the unit working closely with the scientific staff to deliver the MRC/UVRI strategic objective.

Statistics section

In addition to supporting the projects within the Unit, the Statistics section is involved in its own projects which include the ALPHA Network and the Complex Model Calibration.