Enhancing Communications Skills for Unit Staff

Meeting participants after the first meeting on 3rd November 2022


The Unit’s communications and engagement department championed the establishment of a capacity development platform focused on enhancing effective communication skills for staff.Over 100 Unit staff participated in these forums aimed at creating awareness about the value of effective communication skills.

As part of the Unit’s transformative capacity development initiatives, the forums are contributing to grooming professionals with expertise in effectively communicating the science and engaging with policy makers and public at multi-level platforms as invited speakers, presenters, health thought-leaders towards translating research findings to policy and practice

Miss. Daniele Nyirandutiye USAID Deputy Mission Director Uganda and guest speaker during one of the forums, urged Unit professionals to add communications to the skillsets that distinguish them.

In the research world, communication is fundamental to translate research and implement it through policy, programs, and activities. It also ever never been so critical to break-down highly scientific concepts into dissectible language easily understood by an average person.”

Miss. Daniele Nyirandutiye

Our communication and public engagement work is built on a solid foundation of 34 years of high-quality research that has added knowledge and improved the control of infectious and non-communicable diseases in Uganda, Africa and globally.  Through translation of scientific findings into policy and practice, and rigorous research capacity building, MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit remains an internationally recognized centre of excellence for research in HIV, emerging and re-emerging infections and non-communicable diseases.

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