The MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit Transitioning to Digital Archives

Clerics in the Data Management and Archives section entering data from Physical files

The Data Management and Archives Section at the MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit is currently conducting a strategic audit process aimed at promoting digitisation of physical records and disposal of obsolete material, where possible.

While physical data is still being carefully preserved, some of the Unit research data like Jinja trial and Cryptococal Meningitis are saved in digital platform Papermerge, to facilitate increased remote access by researchers and reduce costs associated with physical data storage. The section plans to have a large repository for multiple projects.

Papermerge, the new data management software adopted by the section is an effective, contemporary tool currently used by several research institutions to convert physical records to digital files. Mr. Ayoub Kakande, Head of the Section says digitization will increase efficient monitoring and authorized access to all documents, ensuring that sensitive data remains securely protected.

The system indexes records of both ongoing and concluded research studies since the Unit was established to enable accurate retrieval and subsequent tracking. Mr. George Opio the Records Officer in the section says the archived records are expected to complement current research, by providing a baseline that researchers can build on over time. He says;

Digitization allows transparency of findings through time and the opportunity to track developments. Older research can easily be re-evaluated, allowing discussion and critique of earlier data, likely to impact current research. Digital records will help to preserve historically significant data and secure the future of research happening today…...George Opio

About the Research Data Management Policy

The Research Data Management Policy sets out guidelines on how the Unit’s researchers should manage and share research data under their control in accordance with good research practices that can lead to valuable discoveries by others outside of the original research team.

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