COVID-19 Unit response

An illustration of a COVID-19 particle

Guidelines on COVID-19 testing for Unit staff

  1. Visit a health facility or call a Rocket Health doctor to discuss your health condition and symptoms:

  2. If a COVID-19 test is recommended:
    • Staff in Kampala can get the test done under UAP from the Makerere University Hospital or through the use of Rocket Health services (a phlebotomist will be sent to your location upon presentation of the doctor’s test request);
    • Staff in other locations can have the test done from any of the UAP listed facilities authorised by the government to conduct the tests – refer to attached UAP service provider list and rocket health leaflet services;
    • COVID-19 tests required as a pre-requisite for clients scheduled for an operation will be covered by UAP and must be pre-authorised by the UAP team;
    • Symptomatic staff or contacts of confirmed COVID-19 patients can have the test done from the UVRI clinic in Entebbe upon presentation of their work ID;
    • Please note that you will incur a cost for tests that are not recommended by a doctor in a listed facility.
  3. In case of an emergency, please visit a hospital to minimise delays that may arise due to the current overwhelming medical service demands;

  4. For emergency support, call the toll free numbers behind your medical cards and contact the HR Office for support in ensuring you get the best timely services.

Staff transport

The staff buses between Entebbe and Kampala will stop starting, Monday 21st June. Different routes will be designated, based on transport requests indicating the pickup points and phone numbers by staff. All requests should be approved by supervisors by e-mail to or Phone call (0772 418 957 / 0756 822 357 ); copy (0782 539 970 / 0704 807 843).