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LSHTM Viral is an award-winning global health podcast focusing on the science behind outbreaks and how we respond to them, bringing expert insights directly to the public.

In January 2020, we launched our first episode and season focusing on COVID-19, followed by a second season on planetary health. With 47 episodes so far, LSHTM Viral has been played in over 170 countries. The podcast was Spotify's 13th Most Popular Science podcast in the UK in 2020, as well as 18th for Apple's Most Popular Life Sciences podcast in the UK for 2020.

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In February 2021, we launched a third season of LSHTM Viral exploring vaccines and vaccinations in a COVID-19 world, from ingredients to manufacturing, and through to the realities of distribution to a global population.

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LSHTM Viral was awarded Gold in the 2021 CASE Excellence Awards for 'Digital Communications - Podcast'. 

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