Ms Naomi Stewart


Professional Services
Marketing & Communications Manager


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

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With over 15 years of research and science communications experience, I deliver and support high-level strategic communication strategies, projects, execution and planning. I am particularly interested in creating stronger links and knowledge exchange between experts, policy and decision makers, and the public,

I manage our Research Communications Officers, Digital Content team, summer placements for science communication MSc students, and previously managed our Internal Communications Officer.

I co-produce and lead on the award winning LSHTM Viral podcast, exploring the science behind global health.

I obtained my MSc, Science Communication from Imperial College (2016), and became Communications Manager at the UK Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology, responsible for bringing academics and Parliamentarians together on evidence-based policy. 

Prior to that, I was a Project Officer at the United Nations University - Institute for Water, Environment, and Health, working to positively influence and support informed global environmental science policy, and a Research Assistant at Environment and Climate Change Canada (formerly Environment Canada) working in freshwater systems and ecotoxicology.

I have been a journal editor for the Water Quality Journal of Canada and The Solutions Journal, and have written for the UNCCD, GIZThe Guardian, The New Humanitarian (formerly IRIN), LIDC and numerous other outlets.


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Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre
Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health