Senior members

Research in CMMID is collaborative and cross-disciplinary. Our members typically not only work on mathematical modelling but also other parts of infectious disease epidemiology. Some of our senior centre members can be found below (in random order). Please feel free to reach out directly for joint research ideas, job opportunities or PhD supervision.  

Dr Rosalind Eggo

Rosalind Eggo

Population heterogeneity in epidemics, and vaccination planning and evaluation

Dr Rein Houben

Rein Houben

TB natural history, with a particular focus on the dynamics and care across the spectrum of Mtb infection and TB disease

Graham Medley

Understanding how interventions are and should be designed to control infectious disease

Rachel Lowe

Understanding how environmental and socio-economic factors interact to determine the risk of disease transmission

Prof Adam Kucharski

Adam Kucharski

How social behaviour and immunity shape disease transmission

John Edmunds

Designing effective and cost-effective control programmes against infectious diseases

Prof Katie Atkins

Katherine Atkins

Infectious disease modelling, particularly for HIV and AMR

Dr Gwen Knight

Gwen Knight

Dynamics of antimicrobial resistance

Stephane Hue

Phylogenetic reconstruction of pathogen transmission dynamics

Prof Stefan Flasche

Stefan Flasche

Epidemiological evaluation of vaccines

Prof Richard White

Richard White

Transmission and control of infectious diseases, particularly TB and HIV

Prof Mark Jit

Mark Jit

Investigating the epidemiological and economic impact of vaccines

Dr Oliver Brady

Oliver Brady

Macro-scale modelling and mapping of vector-borne diseases with a particular focus on arboviruses.

Prof Sebastian Funk

Sebastian Funk

Real-time modelling and forecasting during outbreaks

Dr Kathleen O'Reilly

Kathleen O'Reilly

Statistics for infectious disease epidemiology applied to analysis and modelling of viral diseases

Prof Anna Foss

Anna Foss

Public health education and mathematical epidemiology

Dr Kaja Abbas

Kaja Abbas

Vaccine impact modelling

Nicholas Davies

Outbreak response and modelling and Health Economics