Q&A: Jonna Mosoff & Georgia Chisnall

At the start of the year, we were delighted to appoint Jonna Mosoff and Georgia Chisnall as PhD Student Liaison Officers for the Centre. 
Jonna Mosoff & Georgia Chisnall

Working closely with our MSc Student Liaison Officers, they will be the voice of the student body and help to build links throughout LSHTM’s global community. 

We spoke to them about their ongoing research and their ambitions for the Centre.

What is the focus of your PhD research?

Jonna: “I began my research degree in September 2022 and will be focusing on the social determinants of health relating to perennial malaria chemoprevention. I am returning to LSHTM; I completed the MSc in the Control of Infectious Diseases here in 2020. Most recently, I worked at the US CDC focusing on the monitoring and evaluation of global COVID-19 response efforts and health equity initiatives.”

Georgia: “My doctoral research explores socioeconomically disadvantaged parent’s experiences of accessing childhood vaccination services in England using a qualitative longitudinal cohort design. As a secondary aim, my work seeks to use the opportunity afforded by qualitative longitudinal data to engage academics and members of the public using powerful storytelling modes of dissemination. Furthermore, to reflect on the application of novel, qualitative longitudinal research (QLR) methods and contribute to the development of these methods using this project as a case study. This includes considering the potential role of Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement in QLR.”

What are your hopes for the Centre for Evaluation as PhD SLOs? 

Jonna: “As an RD SLO, I hope to help encourage more RD students to become involved with the Centre for Evaluation and to help foster a deeper understanding of the evaluation work being done at the School. I hope the Centre will both help experts share their research and findings with each other, and introduce students to the field of evaluation and inspire them to learn more.”

Georgia: “Prior to starting my PhD, I worked for two years as a Research Assistant/Consultant at a research group based at University College London called the Rapid Research Evaluation and Appraisals Lab (RREAL). The core purpose of RREAL is to improve the quality and impact of research used to evaluate health services, improving the organisation and management of healthcare delivery around the world. I hope to translate my insights and passion for evaluation into CfE events which can be enjoyed by the wider LSHTM community. The topic/format of these events are under construction and very much open to suggestions!”

What is an interesting fact about yourself?
Jonna: “I played violin at university and was lucky enough to travel to Cuba through an orchestra exchange programme.”

Georgia: “Last year I ran the Brighton Marathon (my first marathon) in support of Lyme Disease UK. A truly wonderful charity which works not only to provide information and support for Lyme disease sufferers and their families, but also to advance awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of Lyme disease in the UK. This said, as someone who is not a runner by background, I am very happy to have hung up my running shoes (for now) and return to my preferred sport, rock climbing. I am always up for a climb at EustonWall/Westway if there are any boulderers/sports climbers among you!”

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