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​​The use of nationwide electronic health records to study gestational and congenital syphilis: experience from Brazil​

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​​In this presentation, the speaker will describe how they are generating knowledge on gestational and congenital syphilis in Brazil using routinely collected data. They will briefly explain the source and characteristics of the data resource and present examples of conducted studies. At a glance, they will present some results of ethno-racial disparities in gestational and congenital syphilis, the impact of congenital syphilis on child mortality, and future perspectives such as how we are planning to use this data to investigate long-term effects of prenatal exposure to syphilis. ​ 


​​Enny Cruz, LSHTM

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Enny Cruz started her research training in a relevant institution in Brazil (Federal University of Bahia), where she finished an MSc in Public Health. Enny's PhD thesis, awarded by the LSHTM, focused on dengue during pregnancy. During this period, she developed a growing interest in the effects of prenatal exposures throughout the life course. After her PhD, Enny was awarded a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship to study congenital infections using electronic health records from Brazil. A Wellcome Career Development Award currently supports her research on the long-term effects of prenatal exposure to infectious diseases in children and adolescents. Other research interests include the impact of social and environmental determinants on birth, growth, morbidity, and survival in subgroups of interest in a dynamic Brazilian birth cohort.​ 

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