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(Re)thinking research to tackle cardiometabolic conditions

In this panel, we will hear examples highlighting the importance of research to better understand cardiometabolic conditions in sub-Saharan Africa and ethnic minorities in the UK.

HIV as a non-traditional risk factor for atherosclerosis…or is it? 

This short talk by Dr Anoop Shah will cover the epidemiological evidence evaluating the role of HIV infection in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. The talk will cover how key differences in HIV populations may lead to different cardiac pathologies in regions of low and high HIV endemicity.

Accuracy of blood pressure measurement in Kenya 
This short talk by Dr Anthony Etyang will be about the challenges in identifying individuals with hypertension in Kenya. We will explore the pros and cons of newer versus older methods of measuring blood pressure. Are diagnostic methods developed in high-income regions applicable to a developing world setting?
Harnessing big data to understand ethnic differences in the pathophysiology, presentation and outcomes of type 2 diabetes 

This short talk by Dr Rohini Mathur will discuss the heterogeneity of type 2 diabetes across ethnically diverse populations and how the advent of large-scale health and genomic data is facilitating precision medicine approaches to the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes in the UK and worldwide. 



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