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The Epidemiology & Control of HIV Infection: a spotlight on adolescents & young people

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Rashida Ferrand and Helen Weiss have been involved in research on the epidemiology and control of HIV for over 20 years. In this talk, they will briefly outline the magnitude and diversity of the global epidemic of HIV, and focus specifically on HIV-related issues in adolescents and young people, a group that is disproportionately affected by the HIV epidemic and has worse HIV treatment outcomes than other age groups.  The session will draw out unique challenges faced in serving this age-group and will conclude with a question & answer session with the audience. 


Helen Weiss, Professor of Epidemiology and Director of the MRC International Statistics and Epidemiology Group, LSHTM

 Helen has extensive expertise in the design and analysis of observational and intervention studies on HIV and mental health in sub-Saharan Africa and India.  Her current work focuses on adolescent health, including evaluating strategies to improve access to treatment and care for adolescents living with HIV.

Rashida Ferrand, Professor of International Health and Director of The Health Research Unit Zimbabwe (THRU-ZIM), LSHTM

Rashida works on HIV, sexual and reproductive health and adolescent health.  She develops and evaluates interventions to outcomes across the HIV cascade in children and young people and also studies to chronic comorbidities in children growing up with HIV, specifically heart, lung and musculoskeletal disease.

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