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International Health

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I am a Clinical Epidemiologist and a specialist physician in HIV Medicine and Sexual Health. I joined LSHTM in 2001 as a Wellcome Trust Entry Level Fellow and started my research career investigating immune responses to tuberculosis. In 2003, I moved to Zimbabwe and worked as a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe Medical School, and completed a Distance-Based Learning MSc in Epidemiology. Between 2007-2010, I held a Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellowship and was based in Harare for my doctoral research. After a short break from research to complete my clinical specialist training in London, I returned to Harare in 2012. I am a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and work on clinical and epidemiological studies on HIV infection in older children and adolescents. In Harare, I am hosted by the Biomedical Research and Training Institute. I am an Honorary Consultant Physician in HIV Medicine at Barts Health NHS Trust, London.


Department of Clinical Research
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health (MARCH)


I organise the AIDS MSc module and am also a tutor on the AIDS module for the Distance-based Learning MSc. I teach on Research Methods courses at the Biomedical Research and Training Institute. I contribute to the clinical teaching program at the University of Zimbabwe and teach on courses at the Biomedical Research and Training Institute. Harare, and in the region.  I also support academic activities at the Dept of HIV Medicine at Barts Health NHS Trust.


My research focuses on investigating strategies to improve outcomes across the HIV care cascade, and on chronic clinical complications of HIV, among adolescents. We are investigating community-based package of services to support HIV testing, access to and retention in HIV care and adherence. We also conduct clinical cohort studies to investigate chronic HIV-associated complications, particularly HIV-associated lung disease, cardiac disease and growth failure. We are currently conducting a clinical trial of azithromycin for treatment of chronic lung disease.

I collaborate with Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones at the University of Oxford on studies to investigate the immunogenetic correlates of slow progression of HIV infection in children and the pathogenesis of chronic lung disease. 


Research Area
Child health
Clinical care
Primary care
Public health
Adolescent health
Operational research
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Respiratory disease
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Cardiac disease in adolescents with delayed diagnosis of vertically-acquired HIV infection.
Miller, R.F.; Kaski, J.P.; Hakim, J.; Matenga, J.; Nathoo, K.; Munyati, S.; Desai, S.R.; Corbett, E.L.; Ferrand, R.A.;
Clin Infect Dis
Chronic Lung Disease in Adolescents with Delayed Diagnosis of Vertically-Acquired HIV Infection.
Ferrand, R.A.; Desai, S.R.; Hopkins, C.; Elston, C.M.; Copley, S.J.; Nathoo, K.; Ndhlovu, C.E.; Munyati, S.; Barker, R.D.; Miller, R.F.; Bandason, T.; Wells, A.U.; Corbett, E.L.;
Clin Infect Dis
A primary care level algorithm for identifying HIV-infected adolescents in populations at high risk through mother-to-child transmission
Ferrand, R.A.; Weiss, H.A.; Nathoo, K.; Ndhlovu, C.E.; Mungofa, S.; Munyati, S.; Bandason, T.; Gibb, D.M.; Corbett, E.L.
Tropical Medicine & International Health
Perception of Risk of Vertically Acquired HIV Infection and Acceptability of Provider-Initiated Testing and Counseling Among Adolescents in Zimbabwe.
Ferrand, R.A. ; Trigg, C. ; Bandason, T. ; Ndhlovu, C.E. ; Mungofa, S. ; Nathoo, K. ; Gibb, D.M. ; Cowan, F.M. ; Corbett, E.L. ;
Am J Public Health
Causes of acute hospitalization in adolescence: burden and spectrum of HIV-related morbidity in a country with an early-onset and severe HIV epidemic: a prospective survey.
Ferrand, R.A.; Bandason, T.; Musvaire, P.; Larke, N.; Nathoo, K.; Mujuru, H.; Ndhlovu, C.E.; Munyati, S.; Cowan, F.M.; Gibb, D.M.; Corbett, E.L.;
PLoS Med
Survey of children accessing HIV services in a high prevalence setting: time for adolescents to count?
Ferrand, R.; Lowe, S.; Whande, B.; Munaiwa, L.; Langhaug, L.; Cowan, F.; Mugurungi, O.; Gibb, D.; Munyati, S.; Williams, B.G.; Corbett, E.L.;
Bull World Health Organ
Undiagnosed HIV infection among adolescents seeking primary health care in Zimbabwe.
Ferrand, R.A. ; Munaiwa, L. ; Matsekete, J. ; Bandason, T. ; Nathoo, K. ; Ndhlovu, C.E. ; Munyati, S. ; Cowan, F.M. ; Gibb, D.M. ; Corbett, E.L. ;
Clin Infect Dis
AIDS among older children and adolescents in Southern Africa: projecting the time course and magnitude of the epidemic.
Ferrand, R.A.; Corbett, E.L.; Wood, R.; Hargrove, J.; Ndhlovu, C.E.; Cowan, F.M.; Gouws, E.; Williams, B.G.;
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