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The need for improved sexual health experiences for ethnic communities

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Looking into the current and historic occurrences which shape our current sexual health provision for racially minoritised communities and why it's important for patient safety. 


Dwayne-Wilson Hunt or Dee (He/Him) 

Dee is a charge nurse for a sexual/reproductive health and an HIV outpatient clinic at Chelsea & Westminster NHS trust in London. He graduated from Kings College London in 2017. In 2021 he was appointed the Chair of a newly formed Racially Minoritised Communities SIG (special interest group) within the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH). This group is targeted to look at sexual health and HIV inequalities within ethnic minorities. He is a co-editor of a departmental-wide newsletter discussing topics focussed on racially minoritised persons.  

On top of reading sci-fi books and cooking Jamaican food, his passions include watching Real Housewives of Atlanta, advocating for issues surrounding racial inequalities within the United Kingdom and watching the latest Marvel films. Dee plans to use his platform to improve the care and sexual health outcomes of populations marginalised due to racial barriers. Contact & connect with him on Twitter @yoitsmistadee

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