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Global Mental Health: What next?

Over the past two decades, global mental researchers have been working to develop a robust body of evidence to garner the political will and resources required to “scale up” mental health care for underserved populations around the world. We now have evidence of the relationship between mental health and the physical and economic health of nations. We have evidence of tremendous inequities in access to high-quality, affordable mental health care. And we have identified potentially cost-saving solutions to the so-called “treatment gap”. But where will we be two decades from now? In this talk, Grace will share perspectives of an early career researcher on next steps for global mental health. 


About the speaker 

Grace Ryan is a global mental health researcher evaluating community-based mental health programmes in sub-Saharan Africa, with a special focus on recovery-oriented interventions for people with psychosocial disabilities. Grace is a former Deputy Director of the Centre for Global Mental Health and Platform Lead of the Mental Health Innovation Network, a collaboration between LSHTM and the World Health Organisation.            


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