Ms Grace Ryan

Research Fellow

United Kingdom


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Global mental health, peer support, lived experience involvement, co-production, psychoses, monitoring and evaluation, mental health information systems
Research Area
Medical anthropology
Global mental health
Global health
Disease and Health Conditions
Mental health
Non-communicable diseases
Sierra Leone
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Mental health workers' perspectives on the implementation of a peer support intervention in five countries: qualitative findings from the UPSIDES study.
Haun, MH; Girit, S; Goldfarb, Y; Kalha, J; Korde, P; Kwebiiha, E; Moran, G; Mtei, R; Niwemuhwezi, J; Nixdorf, R; Nugent, L; Puschner, B; Ramesh, M; RYAN, GK; Slade, M; Charles, A; Krumm, S;
BMJ open
Implementation of peer support for people with severe mental health conditions in high-, middle- and low-income-countries: a theory of change approach.
Hiltensperger, R; RYAN, G; Ben-Dor, IA; Charles, A; Epple, E; Kalha, J; Korde, P; Kotera, Y; Mpango, R; Moran, G; Mueller-Stierlin, AS; Nixdorf, R; Ramesh, M; Shamba, D; Slade, M; Puschner, B; Nakku, J;
BMC health services research
Global mental health and disability in sub-Saharan Africa
SCHERER, N; Misganaw, E; Njenga, M; RYAN, G; EATON, J;
The Routledge International Handbook of Disability and Global Health
Community-based rehabilitation for people with psychosocial disabilities in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review of the grey literature.
Butura, A-M; RYAN, GK; SHAKESPEARE, T; Ogunmola, O; Omobowale, O; Greenley, R; EATON, J;
International journal of mental health systems
Co-producing research on psychosis: a scoping review on barriers, facilitators and outcomes.
Jakobsson, CE; Genovesi, E; Afolayan, A; Bella-Awusah, T; Omobowale, O; Buyanga, M; KAKUMA, R; RYAN, GK;
International journal of mental health systems
Societal and organisational influences on implementation of mental health peer support work in low-income and high-income settings: a qualitative focus group study.
Ramesh, M; Charles, A; Grayzman, A; Hiltensperger, R; Kalha, J; Kulkarni, A; Mahlke, C; Moran, GS; Mpango, R; Mueller-Stierlin, AS; Nixdorf, R; RYAN, GK; Shamba, D; Slade, M;
BMJ open
Lessons of Hope and Resilience: A Co-Produced Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Youth Living with Psychosis During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nigeria.
Bella-Awusah, T; Abdurahman, H; Omobowale, O; Aturu, O; Afolayan, A; Ogunmola, O; Fasoranti, B; Olusanmi, M; Tamambang, R; Bamidele, O; RYAN, G; SHAKESPEARE, T; EATON, J; Omigbodun, O;
Community mental health journal
Reprioritising global mental health: psychoses in sub-Saharan Africa.
Omigbodun, OO; RYAN, GK; Fasoranti, B; CHIBANDA, D; Esliker, R; Sefasi, A; KAKUMA, R; SHAKESPEARE, T; EATON, J;
International journal of mental health systems
Cracks that Let the Light in: Collective Reflections on Integrating Lived Experience of Psychosis in Research and Policy in the Context of a Global Commission.
Lee, YY; Buyanga, M; Mehta, A; Omowunmi, OA; RYAN, G; Sunkel, C; Vasquez, A; Jones, N;
Community mental health journal
Additional file 3 of Mental health workers’ perspectives on peer support in high-, middle- and low income settings: a focus group study
Krumm, S; Haun, M; Hiller, S; Charles, A; Kalha, J; Niwemuhwezi, J; Nixdorf, R; Puschner, B; RYAN, G; Shamba, D; Epstein, PG; Moran, G;
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