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​​Exploring children’s experiences and reporting of violence: how can we respond effectively?​

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​​Trigger warning: This session will deal with issues of sexual violence and abuse of children. 

12:50 – 13.05: How do children define violence and maltreatment in childhood? A systematic review of qualitative studies from sub-Saharan Africa

This presentation will explore findings from a qualitative systematic review that aimed to understand how children conceptualise violence in childhood in sub-Saharan Africa, and its implications for international surveys to measure prevalence of violence, and the wider field. 

Speakers: Dr Sue Kelly, on behalf of co-authors.

13:05– 13:20: Children’s help-seeking behaviour in Zimbabwe  

This presentation, co-led by Childline Zimbabwe and Dr Ellen Turner, will focus on how children seek formal help for violence both nationally in Zimbabwe, and to Childline Zimbabwe specifically, including identifying children who are not reaching services, and particularly looking at how children and caregivers report cases of sexual violence. The study used both qualitative and quantitative data analysis of Childline Zimbabwe’s routinely collected data. 

Speakers: Kudzayi Khosa (Childline, Zimbabwe), Progress Nangati (Childline, Zimbabwe), Rati Moyo (Childline, Zimbabwe) and Dr Ellen Turner (LSHTM) 

13:20-13:35: Approaches to safeguarding and referrals for young people who participate in violence research: Lessons from the CoVAC study in Uganda   

Safeguarding and referrals are essential to all violence research. In this presentation, Aggrey will describe the challenges and lessons learnt for improving referral and safeguarding processes for young people who disclose violence in research. 

Speakers: Aggrey Akim (Raising Voices, Uganda), and co-authors.


13:35-13:50: Q&A  

Moderator: Daniel Carter



You can watch the recording of the session now.