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​​Epidemiology and Experiences of Multimorbidity in Malawi: Perspectives from MEIRU researchers​

The second seminar in a series by the Multimorbidity Interest Group that seek to facilitate dialogue between disease- and disciplinary-specific fields of expertise across the School and partner institutions.

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The Multimorbidity Interest Group's seminar series is jointly hosted by the Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit (MEIRU).  ​ 

​This seminar presents ongoing and upcoming multimorbidity research from MEIRU. Speakers will discuss the importance of better understanding the burden of multimorbidity in low-income countries, where access to health care is constrained and people are living with undiagnosed and unmanaged physical and mental health conditions in a setting with co-existent high HIV prevalence.  

​The seminar will consider issues related to MM research in Malawi including study design, data collection, findings to date, and the implications of this research for holistic health service delivery for people living with long-term health conditions and their families. 


​​Professor Mia Crampin, MEIRU, Malawi, LSHTM and University of Glasgow, UK

​Talk Title: Establishing a long-term conditions and multi-morbidity research programme in Malawi  

​Mia is Director of MEIRU, Professor of Epidemiology at LSHTM at Professor of Global Health at University of Glasgow. She has been living and conducting epidemiological research in Malawi for more than two decades and is PI on Healthy Lives Malawi, large programme of longitudinal studies with an emphasis on long-term conditions, funded by Wellcome Trust and MRC.  

​Dr Owen Nkoka MEIRU, Malawi, LSHTM and University of Glasgow, UK 

​Talk Title: Investigating the association between physical multimorbidity and common mental health disorders in rural and urban Malawi 

​​Owen is a postdoctoral epidemiologist at the University of Glasgow and leads the Healthy Lives Malawi project at MEIRU. His recent research has primarily centred around long-term conditions, with a particular emphasis on understanding the complexities of multimorbidity of these conditions. 

​Dr Edith Chikumbu MEIRU, Malawi 

​Talk Title: Experiences of multimorbidity in urban and rural Malawi: an interview study of burdens of treatment and lack of treatment  

​Edith is a social scientist and qualified medical doctor who is part of the Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit (MEIRU) Social Sciences team. Her MSc thesis focused on the topic of multi-morbidity in Malawi and she is developing a specialism in this area and the areas of non-communicable diseases and disease-related quality of life.   

​Dr Chris Bunn, MEIRU, Malawi and University of Glasgow, UK.​ 

​Chris is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Glasgow and a Senior Social Scientist at the Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit. His interests include the sociologies of long-term health conditions, multimorbidity, gambling and commercial determinants of health. He has a particular focus on applied and participatory work which uses social and related theories to interrogate, co-construct and evaluate solutions to health-related and other social problems


The session will be chaired by Justin Dixon (LSHTM) and Alison Price​ (LSHTM)


Free and open to all, online. No registration required. A recording of this session will be available after the event on this page.