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Grand multiparity and reproductive cancer: Results from the Jerusalem Perinatal Cohort Study

High parity is associated with reduced mortality from reproductive cancers. Using data from the Jerusalem Perinatal Cohort we were able to separate the components of mortality, comparing both incidence and survival after cancer onset. We found substantial reductions in breast cancer risk in grand multiparous women (with >5 births) compared to other parous women, with effect modification by age at diagnosis and age at first birth. Endometrial cancer survival was, however, significantly reduced in grand multiparas. These findings have implications for low income countries where total fertility rates remain high.   

Prof. Ora Paltiel is a haematologist and epidemiologist who completed her training at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She is the Director, Centre for Research in Clinical Epidemiology and Senior Physician in the Department of Haematology at Hadassah-Hebrew University, in Jerusalem, Israel. She recently stepped down as director of the Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine. Her research interests are cancer epidemiology and cancer care, focusing mainly on lymphomas. She is a principle investigator in the Jerusalem Perinatal Cohort study.    



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