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​​Causes of mortality among female sex workers: a multi-country study highlights the risks from poor maternal health, in particular unsafe abortion​

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​​Although there are many studies on morbidity among female sex workers [FSW], there are few that document causes of mortality. This study, conducted in 2019 in eight countries, used the Community Knowledge Approach [CKA] to collect data on deaths of FSW, as reported by other FSW (n=1280) in their peer network. High numbers of deaths were reported and causes of death varied across the eight countries; but the leading cause of death was maternal causes, with complications of unsafe abortion the single leading cause of maternal deaths. This is the first multi-country study on deaths of FSW, and the first to report deaths of FSW from unsafe abortion and suicides. In addition to describing results across countries, the use of the CKA will be discussed along with challenges of collecting data on deaths of FSW. ​ 


  • ​​Brian Willis, Director of Global Health Promise (a non-profit working to empower women in sex work)

  • ​Kathryn Church, Honorary Assistant Professor LSHTM, and independent consultant


Free and open to all, online and in person. No registration required. A recording of this session will be available after the event on this page.


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