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​​World Population Prospects 2024: estimation challenges and analytical strategies to reconstruct demographic levels and trends since 1950 for 237 countries/areas​

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On the occasion of World Population Day, the United Nations will release the 2024 edition of the World Population Prospects (WPP). This bi-annual report provides estimates and projections of the population size and age structure for all countries/areas of the world, and serves as a reference for both policy and research.

As a precursor to the release of the 2024 WPP, the presenters from the UN Population Division will discuss a major upgrade to the workflow and analytical steps for reconstructing past demographic levels and trends and population estimates for the future. For the first time, the 2024 WPP will use probabilistic projections of net migration, and incorporate the additional uncertainty in the future projection of populations. 


All speakers are from the Population Division, DESA, United Nations

  • Patrick Gerland
  • Mark Wheldon
  • Ivan Williams
  • Lubov Zeifman

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  • Please note that the recording link will be listed on this page when available



Free and open to all. No registration required.


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