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The Rapid Mortality Mobile Phone Surveys Project: overview and key findings to date

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​​Population-based mortality statistics are essential components of an effective public health response to epidemic outbreaks or other crisis situations. The Rapid Mortality Mobile Phone Surveys (RaMMPS) project aims to generate national mortality estimates, including excess mortality, in settings where civil registration is incomplete and face-to-face data collection may be interrupted or hindered. With funding from the BMGF and the FDCO, RaMMPS were conducted in Bangladesh Burkina Faso, the DRC, Malawi and Mozambique. In this seminar, presenters will discuss key features of the RaMMPS project, its operational and methodological challenges, and a selection of key results.   


  • ​​Georges Reniers, Associate Professor, LSHTM
  • ​Julio Romero-Prieto, Research Fellow, LSHTM
  • ​Malebogo Tlhajoane, Research Fellow, LSHTM
  • ​Sarah Walters, Associate Professor, LSHTM

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