Tavistock Place update

Now more than ever the importance of research in global health is at the forefront of minds everywhere. The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine continues to lead the way in this field with fellow experts from all over the world. We also remain committed to ensuring our facilities meet the demands of this essential research.

With this in mind we are pleased to announce that following recent Government advice we intend to restart construction works at our Tavistock Place site from Monday 1 June.

Twin track procurement and COVID-19

The project work is being split into two separate packages of work: 

  1. Enabling works, which deals with the demolition of the existing buildings and internal alteration works (ie relocation of reception and a new internal stair) that are required to allow construction of the new building to proceed. 
  2. Main works, which is for the construction of the new TP2 building. 

In parallel with the above procurement, we are carefully reviewing the design and exploring areas of design refinement that have minimal or no impact on the design and functionality of the building. Such areas identified thus far are for things that will simplify the methodology or reduce the scope of works in some areas. This leads to a natural shortening of the time it takes for the build, which helps to reduce the period of disruption to the community and to LSHTM students and staff. These efficiencies are being reviewed and agreed with key stakeholders as we go.

  • Enabling works: We are working with a new enabling works contractor Russell Cawberry Ltd, one of the School's framework contractors, to restart the project now Government restrictions have been eased. Robust methods have been developed with them to ensure the works can be delivered safely and in compliance with the latest Government and industry advice for construction projects. Further information on these methods can be found in the site operational procedure.
  • Main works: We received tenders for the Main Works from our framework contractors in late February. The tenders are being evaluated in order to select a contractor for the works. This non-site-based evaluation work can be completed by all parties while working from home. We had planned to commence the main construction works in July/August this year, we expect that date to be delayed. We will advise of a planned new start date as soon as circumstances allow.


We will continue to meet the requirements of Camden Council planning and  in particular our plan for managing the construction works (Construction Management Plan, CMP). This is a key document to ensure we construct the building safely while minimising the impact on staff and the local community. The approved plan has been issued to our framework contractors who will adhere to its requirements. The CMP is a 'live' document and will be continually monitored in tandem with Camden Council and the community to ensure operations are streamlined to the benefit of the community and our students and staff.

Community Liaison Group (CLG) meetings will recommence from June via video-link to ensure there is a continuing opportunity for local community representatives to scrutinise and monitor our construction methods.