Tavistock Place update

August 2023: New building at Tavistock Place 2 complete

Tavistock Place 2 - the new building replaces an old outbuilding
The new Tavistock Place 2 building replaces an old outbuilding. Credit: 8build

We are delighted that staff have moved into our new building and thank our colleagues and neighbours for their patience during construction.

Our purpose-built building at Tavistock Place (TP2) greatly enhances our scientists’ ability to carry out crucial research in global health and train the next generation of health leaders.

Having high quality, flexible facilities is key to this work, which is highly collaborative in nature and addresses major challenges of our time.

Tavistock Place 2 in numbers

  • 15-17 Tavistock Place – the address of the new building in central London
  • 2,512m2 of working space (similar size to existing TP1 Tavistock Place building)
  • 6 storeys
  • 200 members of staff
  • 167km of cabling - enough to reach France
  • 27 toilets and 37 wash basins
  • 78 brass screens over the glazing to provide extra privacy for neighbours inspired by John Snow’s cholera maps
  • 138 chilled beams - for ventilation and heating and cooling to the building. 
  • 3.8m^3 (cubic metres) of air per second – how much the air handling unit can bring in - capable of blowing up a balloon the size of Wembley Stadium in roughly 3.5 days
  • Over 60 separate subcontractors appointed by 8build
  • Over 1,400 site workers were inducted during the build
  • 150+ people working on site at its peak

Find out more in the Q&A.

Next phase of works for Tavistock Place

Now that our new TP2 building is complete, the next project at our Tavistock Place campus/site will involve redevelopment of interior of TP1 (our original Tavistock Place building which fronts the street) to create dedicated teaching facilities.

Find out more about our plans.


Previous updates:

January 2020: Tavistock Place construction update

Now more than ever the importance of research in global health is at the forefront of minds everywhere. The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine continues to lead the way in this field with fellow experts from all over the world. We also remain committed to ensuring our facilities meet the demands of this essential research.

We restarted construction works at our Tavistock Place site on Monday 1 June 2020.

The project

The project has been split into two separate packages of work: 

  1. Enabling works, which deals with the demolition of the existing buildings and internal alteration works (ie relocation of reception and a new internal stair) which has now been completed.
  2. Main works, which is for the construction of the new TP2 building, this commenced in February 2021 with our contractor 8Build and is due for completion in December 2022. 


We will continue to meet the requirements of Camden Council planning and in particular our plan for managing the construction works via the Construction Management Plan (CMP). This is a key document to ensure we construct the building safely while minimising the impact on staff and the local community. The approved plan has been issued to our framework contractors who will adhere to its requirements. The CMP is a 'live' document and will be continually monitored in tandem with Camden Council and the community to ensure operations are streamlined to the benefit of the community and our students and staff.

Community Liaison Group (CLG) meetings are currently via video-link to ensure there is a continuing opportunity for local community representatives to scrutinise and monitor our construction methods.