LSHTM telephone campaigns

When are they?

We run telephone campaigns at different times of year, with current students contacting our alumni by phone, usually in the evenings and weekends.

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently reaching out to connect with our global network of former students and we will continue to do so over the coming months.

From 12 October 2021 we are calling alumni based in the UK and internationally. If you receive a call, please consider making a gift to support our vital work. 

Donate now

Throughout February, April and July this year, current students and recent graduates called alumni all over the world to raise funds for LSHTM’s COVID-19 response. We were delighted that hundreds of our alumni made a single or regular gift to support global response efforts including our urgent Ugandan response appeal, provide essential funding for innovative research projects, and prepare future generations with the knowledge and skills to make a difference.

This year, we are very grateful that more than 600 alumni have decided to make a gift during one of our telephone campaigns so far, helping us raise over £115,000 for the COVID-19 Response Fund.

The ongoing generosity of our alumni and friends enables LSHTM to drive transformative global epidemic responses, influence national and international practices and lead high-impact research. 

What are the campaigns for?

Student callers in the calling room

Telephone campaigns are a unique chance for alumni to speak to current students and recent graduates to find out more about LSHTM today. They are also a rare opportunity for callers to find out more about the career paths of alumni, as well as gaining valuable skills and experience to support their future careers.

Crucially, our telephone campaigns raise vital funds for the COVID-19 Response Fund and the LSHTM Fund.

If you would like to support LSHTM, you can make your gift online.

COVID-19 Response Fund

Many alumni and friends have asked how they can help LSHTM and support our critical activities at this time. Giving to the COVID-19 Response Fund helps to ensure our vital work continues; to research, inform and advocate on a global scale and to educate and empower the next generation of global health leaders.

With your help, we can plug critical gaps in the understanding of COVID-19 and continue to help to save lives around the world.


LSHTM is training the next generation of innovators to revolutionise global health and health equity. As education gets more expensive, scholarships are the only way to ensure that the most exceptional students can study with us regardless of their background.

With your help, we can increase the number of scholarships we offer. We receive thousands of applications every year, with funding only available to support a small number. Without support, many brilliant students, like this year's LSHTM Fund scholar Dr Maria Rauf Jaswal, and many others from across the globe simply cannot study at LSHTM.

“Once again, a big thank you for your kind donations. My scholarship has been made possible by your generosity. It will remove the barriers to education so many face, changing lives and furthering LSHTM’s mission to improve health and health equity worldwide.”

Dr Maria Rauf Jaswal, MSc Public Health for Development.