Students' Representative Council

The Students' Representative Council (SRC) is an independent, student-led body that represents the interests of master's and research degree students at LSHTM.

All students registered for a programme of study with LSHTM become members of the SRC for the period of their registration unless they specifically opt out.

Representation and Executive Office

All programmes of study have at least one elected student representative.

The primary role of the SRC Executive is to serve as a medium for representing to LSHTM governance genuine student body issues in educational, cultural, sporting, social and general interests. In addition, the SRC Executive co-ordinates clubs, societies and social activities, and it supports and sponsors charitable activities and student involvement. The SRC Executive is an excellent way for students to engage in School issues and take leadership roles in student body activities.

There are five Executive Officers, elected each year in October:


The President takes care of School-wide issues, sharing responsibilities with all the SRC members in the larger tasks to help make sure things are coordinated. The President sits on the Council, the highest governing and decision-making body of LSHTM, to give the SRC's perspective on the high-level concerns of LSHTM and to communicate concerns of students.

Vice-President (Finance & Operations)

The Finance & Operations VP is in charge of all transactions that the SRC needs to carry out during their term. Responsibilities of the VP include planning and budgeting activities, working with LSHTM's finance department to carry out transactions, following up on reimbursements and monitoring money flow.

Vice-President (Communications & Activities)

This VP is in charge of communicating to the student body about LSHTM activities and events, engaging with fellow SRC members to conduct events for students.

Vice-President (Taught Courses)

MSc programme representatives correspond with this VP regarding any academic concerns raised by the students of their respective MSc. Issues could be anything related to grading, tutoring, course material, study tools etc. and the VP would work with LSHTM staff and programme directors to ensure concerns are addressed and needs met.

Vice-President (Research Degrees)

The VP for Research Degrees represents MPhil, PhD and DrPH students. The major responsibilities of this VP encompass voicing concerns related to teaching and learning activities, liaising with departmental representatives, student support, thesis supervision, infrastructure and opportunities. The role also involves voicing staff issues, as some research students are employed by LSHTM during their programme.

SRC elections 2018-19

Key dates

  • Nominations open: 26 September - 7 October
  • Campaigning: 8 - 12 October
  • Hustings: 12 October
  • Voting: 15 - 22 October
  • Results: 23 October

Full details of the SRC elections will be published on the LSHTM intranet. For questions about the elections please contact the Returning Officer at

Constitution and procedures