Study materials - distance learning

What materials you will receive

All of the essential materials, including study guides, CD-ROMs, selected textbooks and readings, are supplied. We also encourage you to read more widely around the subjects you are studying in order to enhance your understanding and get the maximum benefit from your programme.

You can also access key study materials via Moodle within the relevant module area. For computer-based modules, you can either view the sessions directly online or download sessions for modules you are registered for. PDFs of study guides and workbooks are also available, while a link is provided to the reading lists for your module held by the LSHTM’s online library.

All modules have a module specification which provides an at-a-glance source of key information about the module such as the module objectives and resources provided.

When materials will be sent

Where a module sends out hard copy materials, you should receive these by early October provided you have completed registration for the module in September. You will be informed if there are any changes or delays in sending out study materials. If you do not receive study materials when you are expecting them, you can contact University of London via the ‘Ask a Question’ facility in the Student Portal.

What else you need

All materials that are essential in order to complete your programme will be provided, however you will need to have regular access to a computer and the internet. This is for accessing the Student Portal, downloading module materials, participating in discussions on Moodle and accessing the LSHTM's online library. You will also need to have access to appropriate software e.g. a PDF reader, and to have JavaScript and cookies enabled to access particular online systems such as the student portal. For most programmes, you will also need a scientific calculator; and you may need a headset/microphone to participate in ‘real-time’ online sessions.