Adopt a book or archive

Help preserve the history of public health and global disease by adopting a book or archive from the Library, Archive & Open Research Services historical collections.

As one of the world’s leading schools of public and global health, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the history of our subject is preserved for future generations.

For over 100 years, Library, Archive & Open Research Services has supported the School’s staff and students in their groundbreaking research activities, and we believe that knowledge of the history of public health and the study of disease can inform current and future research.

Funds raised through this scheme will be used to preserve and conserve our historical collections which outline the history of tropical medicine and public health. The collections contain many volumes, papers and objects from the Victorian age of exploration and sanitary improvements, as well as earlier writings on health and disease from throughout the UK and overseas.

Rare book collections

The Library has two collections of rare books:

  1. Smallpox and vaccination - collected by Dr Richard J. Reece of the Medical Department of the Local Government Board. This collection was presented to the School in 1930, after Dr Reece’s death, by Dr H.A. Macewan of the Ministry of Health. The Reece Collection was described by the British Medical Journal as ‘...the most complete library in this country of the old literature of small-pox, variolation and vaccination’.
  2. Public health and infectious disease -  either published pre-1900 or in very small quantities. The School bought some of these items when the Historical Collection was established by Cyril C. Barnard, Librarian, in 1924. The rest were donations.

Archive collections

The Archives preserve papers, photographs, maps and artefacts relating to scientific, medical and public health professionals and to all aspects of the School’s research and development from its beginnings in London’s East End in 1899 to the present day. Our collections require careful conservation so they can continue to be accessed by researchers from across the globe.

The historical collections at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine represent an amazing body of knowledge; by adopting a book or archive you will help us to open up these treasures to successive generations of researchers so they can enjoy and benefit from the contents.

David Archer, Head of Library, Archive & Open Research Services

How can I adopt a book or archive?

You can adopt an individual book or archive collection in need of conservation, or subject area, as well as contribute to the general conservation of our historical collections. Adopting a book or archive from the School’s collections is a great way to mark an event, remember the life of a friend, relation or colleague, or show your support for the work of Library, Archive & Open Research Services.

To adopt a book, complete our online donation form, and we'll be in touch.

Adopt a book online

If you have any questions please contact David Archer.

Donation levels

Three levels of donation are available and you can donate as many times as you wish. 

  £25.00 £150.00 £500.00
Donation certificate, signed by the Head of Library, Archive & Open Research Services, in a presentation folder with a glossy photograph of the Library Reading Room and an exclusive adopt-a-book donors bookmark. x x x
Receipt of our electronic newsletter, keeping you up to date with our activities.




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Invitation to our annual event.




Choose a book or archive to adopt (adoption lasts for 5 years).




Please join us in the effort to conserve these books and archives so they can be used by students and researchers in the UK and around the world for years to come.

Professor Peter Piot, Director


For questions about the adopt a book or archive scheme contact David Archer.
For more information about donating to the School see our Support us pages.