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LSHTM/Nagasaki University Joint PhD signing ceremony
Signing ceremony for the LSHTM/Nagasaki University Joint PhD for Global Health agreement, LSHTM, December 2017. Seated: Professor Peter Piot, Director, LSHTM; Professor Shigeru Kohno, President, Nagasaki University.

We have numerous research, teaching and capacity strengthening connections with institutions across Asia, and our Communicable Diseases Policy Research Group (CDPRG) is based at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand.  We have around 25 researchers based in Asia, with significant clusters in India and Thailand. 

Some of our key partners include:

Nagasaki University, Japan

LSHTM’s partnership with Nagasaki focuses on infectious disease research and on supporting Nagasaki to strengthen its global health research and education capacity. Two staff members have joint appointments with Nagasaki and a Joint PhD programme for Global Health was launched in December 2017. We have collaborated since 2009 on the ALN Scholarship Fund, which supports African scientists to undertake a Master’s degree at either LSHTM or Nagasaki. In 2018 LSHTM hosted five Nagasaki early career researchers on productive research visits to London with funding from a Rutherford Fund Strategic Partner Grant.

National University of Singapore (NUS) / National University Health System (NUHS), Singapore

LSHTM’s partnership with NUS and NUHS centres around three broad research themes: infectious disease, comparative health systems, and non-communicable diseases. We have created a series of parallel appointments, whereby faculty members are employed simultaneously by both institutions to develop research programmes and projects addressing modern day public health challenges. There are currently five staff members based at NUS under this scheme and another with a visiting appointment. We have also collaborated on joint workshops on pathogen genomics and a short course on vaccinology.

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Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), India

LSHTM has a long-standing institutional partnership with PHFI. Building institutional capacity for research and training is a top priority, and this was one of the aims of the PHFI-UK consortium, based at LSHTM from 2008-2017. Partnering with PHFI, the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), and Emory University, LSHTM launched the Centre for Control of Chronic Conditions (CCCC) in Delhi in 2015, bringing together researchers and health professionals from the clinical, public health, genetics, biochemistry and social sciences disciplines to tackle the growing health crisis of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and mental illness. In January 2010 LSHTM and PHFI jointly established the South Asia Centre for Disability Inclusive Development & Research, Hyderabad.

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Sichuan University, China

LSHTM’s partnership with Sichuan’s West China School of Public Health in Chengdu has developed with the support of China’s 1000 talent programme, the China Medical Board (CMB), DFID, and the UK Medical Research Council. Key elements of the partnership so far have been the three-year secondment of an LSHTM Professor to Sichuan, and support for Chinese Masters/PhD students and Postdocs to undertake training at LSHTM.