Meet the team

Centre Directors

Some profiles are not displayed below, the full committee is:

Brian Greenwood; Chris Drakeley; Jackie Cook; Mojca Kristan; Julius Hafalla; Sam Wassmer; Matthew Cairns; Shunmay Yeung; Amy Ibrahim; Hannah Gladstone


Steering Committee

Sam Wassmer

Associate Professor in Malaria Pathogenesis

Jackie Cook

Assistant Professor in Malaria Epidemiology

chris Drakeley

Professor of Infection & Immunity

Mojca Kristan

Research Fellow in Medical Entomology

Julius Hafalla

Associate Professor of Immunology

Hannah Gladstone

Communications & Coordination Officer

Matthew Cairns

Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Shunmay Yeung

Associate Professor of Tropical Medicine

Colin Sutherland

Professor of Parasitology

Brian Greenwood

Professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine

Sian Clarke

Centre co-Director

Professor of Epidemiology