Meet the team

Centre Co-Directors

Dr Jackie Cook

Jackie Cook

Centre Co-Director

Associate Professor in Malaria Epidemiology

Dr Samuel Wassmer

Sam Wassmer

Centre Co-Director

Associate Professor in Malaria Pathogenesis

Steering Committee

Prof Chris Drakeley

Chris Drakeley

Professor of Infection & Immunity

Dr Mojca Kristan

Mojca Kristan

Assistant Professor in Medical Entomology

Dr Corine Ngufor

Corine Ngufor

Associate Professor in Medical Entomology

Natacha Protopopoff

Associate Professor of Entomology

Khalid Beshir

Assistant Professor in Medical Parisitology

Alfred Ngwa

Alfred Ngwa

Deputy Director


Annette Erhart

Associate Professor at MRC The Gambia

Mrs Marta Moreno Leirana

Marta Moreno

Assistant Professor in Medical Entomology

Prof Sian Clarke

Sian Clarke

Professor of Epidemiology

Dr Julius Hafalla

Julius Hafalla

Associate Professor of Immunology

Dr Bhargavi Rao

Bhargavi Rao

Associate Professor of Humanitarian Public Health

PhD Student Representatives

Ms Bethanie Pelloquin

Bethanie Pelloquin

PhD Student Representative

Miss Sophia Donvito

Sophia Donvito

PhD Student Representative

We have a fortnightly internal newsletter which features a short interview with our members each time, with a focus on early career researchers.