Meet the team

Centre Directors

Some profiles are not displayed below, the full committee is:

Brian Greenwood; Chris Drakeley; Jackie Cook; Mojca Kristan; Julius Hafalla; Sam Wassmer; Matthew Cairns; Shunmay Yeung; Amy Ibrahim; Hannah Gladstone


Steering Committee

Sam Wassmer

Associate Professor in Malaria Pathogenesis

Jackie Cook

Assistant Professor in Malaria Epidemiology

chris Drakeley

Professor of Infection & Immunity

Mojca Kristan

Research Fellow in Medical Entomology

Julius Hafalla

Associate Professor of Immunology


Hannah Gladstone

Communications & Coordination Officer

Matthew Cairns

Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Shunmay Yeung

Associate Professor of Tropical Medicine

Colin Sutherland

Professor of Parasitology

Brian Greenwood

Professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine