About us

The Malaria Centre was established in 1998 to facilitate interdisciplinary research at the School, to support links with research in malaria endemic countries and to further the goal of malaria elimination worldwide. 

Who we are

The Centre brings together around 300 researchers, postgraduate students and support staff each LSHTM faculty: Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Epidemiology and Population Health and Public Health and Policy. The Centre has a major international profile with members working in around 40 countries at any one time.

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What we do

Members work in a variety of malaria research areas ranging from basic laboratory science to social and economic studies. As well as developing tools and techniques and disseminating knowledge about malaria, a strong emphasis is placed on translating research outcomes into practice. We aim to provide the best evidence for policy and practice in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria around the world. In addition to the scientific and policy work conducted under the remit of the centre, members also provide teaching and training on malaria both in the UK and in endemic countries.

To disseminate knowledge about malaria to expert and lay audiences alike, the Centre organises seminars and conferences open to participants outside of the school.

Where we work

Although the Centre is based in London, members are conducting malaria research across the globe including countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.


The Malaria Centre strives to make a significant contribution to international efforts to reduce the burden of malaria by influencing global practice and policy with high quality, relevant research.

To achieve this, the Centre actively initiates and supports collaboration both within LSHTM and externally, building on the individual strengths of research groups and integrating research across various disciplines from basic science to applied research.

We do this by:

  • Encouraging the development of links between malaria researchers of different disciplines based at LSHTM
  • Initiating and developing collaborations among malaria researchers in LSHTM and with colleagues working in malaria endemic areas
  • Disseminating research findings and promoting malaria R&D globally
  • Coordinating malaria teaching at LSHTM