Health economics

The economics theme is a discussion forum for modellers and health economists to explore innovative ways to integrate economic concepts and methods into mathematical modelling. Health economists at LSHTM have a diverse research portfolio and expertise, ranging across themes such as economic evaluation and priority setting, evaluation of complex interventions, health system financing, and behavioural economics ( CMMID modellers are developing and applying mathematical models to improve policy in a range of infectious diseases.

Within the economics theme, we aim to link these two communities. By creating a space for discussion of technical opportunities around specific economic areas of interest (ie equity, health systems, behavioural economics, implementation at scale), our objective is twofold: 1) to provide developmental opportunities for modellers interested in economics, and 2) to explore concepts and ideas for further establishment of inter-disciplinary collaborations. Members of the group actively contribute economic expertise to initiatives such as the TB Modelling and Analysis Consortium, the International Decision Support Initiative, and the Global Health Cost Consortium; and will bring their inter-disciplinary expertise to the discussion.