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Centre for Global Chronic Conditions Student Liaison Officers

Student Liaison Officers (SLOs) are selected each year as official representatives for the centre and act as the voice of the student body. We work closely with Centre management to carry out activities that promote the work of the Centre and strengthen links across LSHTM.

We, as a group of MSc students from different disciplines, aim to promote the prevention and treatment of chronic physical and mental conditions locally and globally. In the 2021/22 academic year, we hope to collaborate with other groups to organise events that engage and mobilise the student community.

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Student Liaison Officers 2021-2022

Louis Oteng-Gyimah

Louis Oteng-Gyimah

MSc Public Health for Eye Care

I am currently pursuing an MSc in Public Health for Eye Care and am honoured to have the opportunity to be a Student Liaison Officer for the Centre for Global Chronic Conditions. I am an Ophthalmologist, working in a deprived region of Ghana and am passionate about providing services that benefit the marginalised and vulnerable, and that can bring relief to suffering. I have an interest in chronic conditions, especially chronic visually impairing eye conditions like glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness globally and chronic systemic medical conditions with eye complications like diabetes mellitus.

Headshot of Milena Wuerth

Milena Wuerth

MSc Public Health

Before starting my MSc in Public Health at LSHTM, I studied Social Anthropology and worked as a researcher exploring the impacts of the pandemic on vulnerable communities in the UK. I am particularly interested in global mental health and the social dimensions of illness. I look forward to learning from the experiences of LSHTM students and researchers, brought together by the Centre for Global Chronic Conditions.

Headshot of Siqi Xue

Siqi Xue

MSc Global Mental Health

I am a Psychiatry resident physician based at the University of Toronto, where I also obtained an MD degree and an Honors BSc degree in Global Health and Microbiology. I have a special interest in global and transcultural mental health, having trained with Victorian Transcultural Mental Health in Melbourne and the Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine. My current research interests include severe mental illnesses in low- and middle-income countries and the impact of climate change on the human psyche. Prior to medicine, I worked in the non-profit development sector at Grand Challenges Canada and the Namibian Women's Health Network.

Profile photograph of Titus Kibaara Nganga

Titus Kibaara Nganga

MSc Nutrition for Global Health

Before starting my MSc in nutrition for global health, I practiced as a pharmacy technician in Kenya and saw the effect that chronic diseases had on the quality of life of individuals. This piqued my interest in studying for an undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics so that I could contribute to improving the lives of people affected by various lifestyle diseases. I am honored to be a Student Liaison Officer and excited to learn and contribute to the work of the Centre for Global Chronic Conditions.